In Memory

Duke Riggin

Duke attended his senior year and actually graduated at Catholic High, but is remembered by the Class of '71 as an unofficial member of the class.  The photo is from the 1970 McClellan Lion. 

08/08/1953 - 01/?/1980

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10/15/16 07:11 AM #1    

Wayne S. Harper, Jr.

I knew Duke the short time he was at McClellan.......Id like to tell this and I hope it is ok --- I had a really smart mouth back then. The one time I went to Lake Nixon I found myself talking to two cute girls when two of the biggest guys I'd ever seen came up to me. I could tell they didn't like me so I said something really vulgar to them.  They grabbed me and told me they were going to beat the "you know what" out of me.  We took a couple of steps when, from behind me I heard a voice say, "Leave him alone. He's a friend of mine".  Well let me tell you, those big guys backed up and just disappeared......I've never been more thankful that I knew a guy in my whole entire life......                              

Bless your strength and your pure heart Duke, I owe you one...



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