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•   Vickie Jewel Harrison (Getty)  11/6
•   Debbie Hupp (Kelly)  11/5
•   Jeannine Lewis (Hathcoat)  10/12
•   Judy Womack (Springer)  7/16
•   Cathy Lea Woodall (Walker)  7/15
•   David Briscoe (Briscoe)  7/8
•   Linda Bauldwin (Garabedian)  6/17
•   David Carter  6/15
•   Sarah Bryant (Mayfield)  6/2
•   David Mayfield, Jr.  6/2
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•   Lavada "Ann" Harris (Autry)  2020
•   Denise Elizabeth Williams (Berryhill)  2020
•   Sheila Avis Roberts (Ort)  2020
•   Tommy Ashcraft  2019
•   Marcia Ann Dickey (Smith)  2019
•   McRae F. Snyder  2019
•   Paul Fleming Chaney, Jr.  2018
•   Chuck Kies II  2018
•   Gus Fisher  2018
•   Tony Sharp  2018
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•   James A. Emerson  11/28
•   Vickie Lynne Kesner (Berhiet)  12/1
•   Marilyn Jean Robertson (Griffin)  12/2
•   James "Sonny" Shinn  12/2
•   John Brummett  12/4
•   Laura Wilchman (Moody)  12/5
•   Kathy Metcalf (Jones)  12/8
•   Vannetta Joy Woodall (Thomas)  12/8
•   Rickey E. Shemwell  12/12
•   Tim Leathers  12/13
•   David Briscoe (Briscoe)  12/15
•   Don Harrell  12/16
•   Patrick Wayne Greer  12/18
•   Stanley Robert Wooten  12/19
•   Debbie Brooks  12/20
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1 lives in Arizona
246 live in Arkansas
5 live in California
3 live in Florida
4 live in Georgia
3 live in Indiana
1 lives in Kansas
3 live in Louisiana
1 lives in Maine
1 lives in Minnesota
2 live in Mississippi
5 live in Missouri
1 lives in New York
1 lives in North Carolina
2 live in Ohio
4 live in Oklahoma
1 lives in Oregon
1 lives in South Carolina
9 live in Tennessee
25 live in Texas
1 lives in Virginia
1 lives in Washington
1 lives in Costa Rica
1 lives in Japan
1 lives in Switzerland
16 location unknown
63 are deceased



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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 46.0%

A:   162   Joined
B:   190   Not Joined

Welcome to the Home of the  

Crimson Lions Class of 1971  

This is the official website for the McClellan High School Class of 1971.  We have included all members of the class listed in the 1971 yearbook and/or on the Class of 1971 graduation program.  You are also invited to join this class site if you moved away and/or finished at another school. 

Go to Classmate Profiles, scroll down to find your name, and join the site.  Enter your contact information so that we can keep you informed.  This website is completely private and all information is protected.  Your information will not be shared with any other site.  Once registered you will have full access to our site. 

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Since all of our classmates don't have access to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette I wanted to share the column written by our own Johnny Ray Brummett regarding the closing of McClellan after this academic year. I've posted a photo of it here and have also added a new photo gallery which includes additional recent articles about McClellan's final year. If you have news articles that you wish to share with the class, I hope you'll add to the new News Articles gallery. Until we meet again, stay safe and well!

HAPPY 2020 

Happy New Year/Decade Class of 1971!  Hoping this year brings you all good health and good will.

As we start making plans later this year for our 50 year class reunion in 2021, please take a minute to make sure your contact information is up to date. Although there are now more ways to keep in touch by social media, this website is exclusively for the McClellan Class of 1971.  If you’ve forgotten your login information, please feel free to message me.  I can help you reconnect.  

Would love to hear from you with your suggestions of what you’d like to plan for our 50th. Look forward to hearing from you. 


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1)   What are your suggestions for planning our 50 year class reunion?

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